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Monthly, your Brooklyn NY dentist will be compiling blogs written on topics such as dental hygiene, maintenance, news and more for your consideration. It is our strong belief that the more familiar our patients become with these topics, the more likely they are to benefit from applying the tips and information to their own oral health regimens.
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January 2021
Create Your New Years' Smile
We’re no stranger to New Years resolutions, but it’s time to make 2021 the best it can be! That starts with improving our own overall health, which includes our smile. While you may not believe it, there are countless people that...
December 2020
Dental Safe Holiday Meals
The holiday season is in full swing and there is no way to hide the excitement of all your favorite delicacies that are spread across the table. While you can’t wait to dive in, it’s important to consider how these foods and drinks...
November 2020
Oral Health Care for Adults
It’s no secret the way your body changes as you get older. From childhood, to your teens, to young adults and beyond, your body continues to grow and change throughout each walk of life and it’s important that you keep up! One part...
October 2020
The Importance of Choosing an Emergency Dentist
Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, so it’s difficult to expect the unexpected! A dental emergency requires immediate care, but patients should know where to go. Our first reaction would be to go straight to the hospital, but...
September 2020
How to Avoid Snacking
It’s no secret that snacking is an enjoyable and tasty past time. The thought of your favorite snack is something that will get you through the day, just to enjoy your treat at the perfect moment. Whether that treat is something sweet like...
August 2020
Tips for Better Oral Hygiene
After you’ve visited our office for your routine dental cleaning and exams, your dental care doesn’t stop here! When you go home with your brand new toothbrush, it’s time to examine your daily routine to see what ways to...
July 2020
Flossing 101: Tips from the Pros
One of the most common questions patients get when they visit our office for a cleaning is, “Have you been flossing?” This is because it’s one of the most important steps in your daily dental routine and should not be skipped!...
June 2020
Summer Foods for Healthy Teeth
Summer is right around the corner! We’re getting warmed up, so it’s time to have some of your favorite foods and drinks. In between, make sure that your snacks and indulgences are safe for your smile. Below, our Brooklyn dentist...
May 2020
Smile Transformation Options
When you’re looking to transform your smile, there’s no better place to go to than our office. Our Brooklyn dentist provides numerous cosmetic services that give you the new look you’ve been dreaming of, no matter how big or...
April 2020
Keep Your Teeth Healthy at Home
A well-structured routine helps you get through your day faster and more efficiently. It’s beneficial your well-being, which includes your smile! Our Brooklyn family dentist provides helpful ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy in...
March 2020
Maintain Your Dental Care Routine at Home
During the six months in between your routine dental appointments, we want to ensure you’re taking care of your teeth and gums to the best of your ability. We know how important your smile is in relation to your appearance and confidence,...
February 2020
Celebrate Children's Dental Health Month!
February often comes with handmade valentines, chocolate, candy, and flowers, but did you know it should also come with a dental checkup? February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. That means it is the perfect time to bring your...
January 2020
New Year, New Smile! This Year’s Smile Goals
The start of a new year is the perfect time to commit to some new goals. This year, start to consider some dental health resolutions to add to your self-care routine. Whether it’s flossing daily or even whitening your smile, take this...
December 2019
Dental Habits to Break in the New Year
As the year comes to an end, resolutions are on the front of everyone’s mind and what they can do to make personal improvements in 2020. Resolutions can range from exercise to diet to therapy, all of which have their own benefits for every...
November 2019
Thanksgiving Food & Dental Health
Thanksgiving is here! This holiday is filled with loved ones, both family and friends, as you enjoy and cherish the quality time this time of year. As you sit around the table full of delicious foods and drinks, we only ask you to keep your...
October 2019
Tips for a Healthy Smile This Halloween
With Halloween quickly approaching, it is important to remember your dental care routine so that your smile stays healthy this spooky season! Sugar can be bad for your teeth, so maintaining a healthy routine is essential to combat all that...
September 2019
Identify and Prevent Cavities
When you’re told that you have a cavity, all dental professionals will recommend that you have it taken care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules between work, friends, and family, patients can find it difficult to...
August 2019
Back-to-School Dental Visits
School is back in session! While you’re helping your children get the best accessories and outfits, there’s something else that’s just as important – their smile! Your Brooklyn dentist wants to ensure that your entire...
July 2019
Popular Foods that Stain Teeth
Everyone has a favorite meal, their go-to dish that brings them the comfort and warmth of their favorite day, a memory tied to the food, or something particularly fond that always cheers them up. While there could be one meal or countless meals,...
June 2019
Dangerous Dental Habits
You may not always realize how certain dental habits can affect your smile, but it’s important to realize the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums so you can keep your natural smile for a lifetime! Whether it’s summer...
May 2019
Share the Dangers on No Tobacco Day
On May 31, health professionals around the world will be celebrating No Tobacco Day. It’s no secret that there are countless negative side effects to tobacco usage, but it’s still one of the most common oral health issues that people...
April 2019
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
According to the American Cancer Society, oral cancer and oropharyngeal cancers affect about 53,000 people every year, with 10,000 of those being deadly cases. Oral cancer can appear as a sore or bump in the mouth that does not heal over time....
March 2019
Nutrition and Your Smile
When you brush your teeth every morning and night, you know that this is an integral part of your oral and dental health. Skipping this step can be dangerous and can allow bacteria to form, causing cavities, decay, and other potential issues. As...
February 2019
Your Child's Smile
As National Children’s Dental Health Month ends, we always want to share helpful tips and tricks for parents (and parents-to-be) as they watch their children grow. A child’s smile, while shiny and brand new, it’s extremely...
January 2019
How Exercise Affects Your Teeth
How has your New Year been treating you? We hope that you’re continuously working towards your resolutions and accomplishing each and every one of them! Between dieting, exercising, and other lifestyle changes, you may not notice how one...
December 2018
Working for a New Year's Smile
Another incredible year is coming to an end, allowing us to have a fresh start as 2019 approaches. You may be compiling your list of New Year’s resolutions and insisting that you’ll be sticking to them – which you should! Any...
November 2018
Smile-Friendly Holiday Meals
Within the next month, we’ll be swamped with so many holiday plans, we won’t know which dinner to go to! Sometimes, the right answer is to go to all of them, and while your friends and family may appreciate seeing you during this...
October 2018
Ways to Protect Your Teeth on Halloween
Parents around the nation may be worried about the amount of candy that they’ll have to keep away from their children come Halloween night, but there is a positive side to this spooky and sweet holiday. Instead of doing your best to hide...
September 2018
Common Dental Injuries in Sports
As the weather changes, kids, teens, and adults alike are shifting into a new season of sports. Our athletes participating in football, field hockey, soccer, and other potentially aggressive contact sports are all at risk for several kinds of...
August 2018
Brushing Habits to Break
Brushing your teeth has become a staple in your routine since you were a child, working every day to maintain a strong and healthy smile. Your 11234 dentist understands that there are some habits you can easily fall into, especially ones that...
July 2018
Prepare Your Smile for Vacation
When you begin planning a vacation, it’s hard to focus on what needs to be done before you head off for ultimate relaxation. Before you go, we believe that having a peace of mind about your smile is important, so you can fully enjoy your...
June 2018
Men's Oral Health Awareness
Oral and dental health is important for men and women alike, but there are differences between them that can put one or the other at a higher risk for certain issues like cavities, gum disease, and other common dental problems. According to the...
May 2018
Maintain Dental Care on Vacation
When you’re getting ready for a vacation, you have countless things on your mind – the places you’ll go, the people you’ll see, the food you’ll eat – that you don’t always remember the important items to...
April 2018
April is National Facial Protection Month
Have you ever watched a high-action sport and seen a tough collision or a player in pain? While much of their uniforms include protective gear on their legs, arms, and head, there is one important piece of equipment that should never be ignored...
March 2018
Foods that Can Brighten Your Smile
Integrate These Foods Suggested by Your 11234 Dentist for a Healthier Smile   When it comes to your dental care and its relationship to food, we commonly find many lists of some of your favorite meals that aren’t good for your...
February 2018
Share the Importance of Children's Dental Health Month
Learn the Benefits of Top Children’s Dentistry with Your Dentist in Brooklyn   Each February, the American Dental Association works with thousands of dentists, orthodontists, and other dental professionals around the United States...
January 2018
Why You Should Avoid Snacks
What makes snacks so appealing? Is it because they're quick? Is it because they're so easily accessible to enjoy? Is it because it feels like you're enjoying something you know you shouldn't, but it's just so tasty? If...
December 2017
New Year, New Smile
The new year is right around the corner! 2018 gives everyone a brand new start and the motivation to work on a list of achievements that will benefit them in a number of ways. You may already have some resolutions that you’ve been working...
November 2017
Protect Your Holiday Season Smile
The holidays are here and your schedule is filling up fast! The next month and a half may be a little hectic, but don’t forget to keep up with your oral hygiene routine every morning and night. There are going to be family dinners upon...
October 2017
Avoid a Spooky Smile
During the month of October, children and adults across the US are anticipating the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. Between the creative outfits and the delicious sweets and treats, there’s a lot to look forward to on this popular...
September 2017
Importance of Caring for Children's Teeth
Help Your Children Share their Strong and Healthy Smile with the Right Snack Choices   We’re all familiar with tasty sweets, chocolates, and candies that we love to indulge in. It’s no surprise that children are big fans of...
August 2017
Common Brushing Mistakes
Stay Healthy with these Brushing Tips and the Help of your Brooklyn Dentist   To ensure the best oral health, we believe that you should brush your teeth twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, to ensure the best oral health...
July 2017
You Cracked a Tooth...Now What?
The sound and pain of cracking or chipping a tooth can be terrifying. Not everyone has been there, so if you have experienced this feeling, consider yourself among the minority. Depending on the severity, there are many ways you can recover from...
June 2017
When Teeth Removal is a Must
With proper teeth care, most people try to avoid removing a tooth. In the mind of many people, a tooth is only removed because there is no hope for the tooth. And this is the case sometimes. However, this is not always the reason for removing a...
May 2017
Oral Care Routine
Checklist for Brushing Properly   You may think you have been brushing your teeth correctly, but there are many facets that entail maintaining proper oral health. There are many different factors that go into optimizing your dental...
April 2017
The Importance of Family Dentistry
When it comes to your family, you want everyone to have top oral and dental health. The best option for your family is to find a dentist that offers numerous services for family members of all ages. There are countless benefits to going to one...
March 2017
Fight the Myths Harming Your Smile
Get Rid of Dental Myths and Fears with the Help of Your Brooklyn family dentist    Dentistry is one of the most important and beneficial practices that people of all ages can benefit from. Your smile is something that you want to...
February 2017
What Are the Different Causes of Loose Teeth?
People of all ages often suffer from tooth loss, which can often leave negative effects on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. It can result in a lacking smile, one that leaves patients unsatisfied and embarrassed. Tooth loss often...
January 2017
History of Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
Learn how People Used to Clean their Smile in Early Centuries and how Far We’ve Come with Our Modern Tools!   When we brush our teeth every morning and night, we don’t always think about where it all started. How was...
December 2016
Resolutions for a Healthy Smile
View Some New Year’s Resolutions by Your Brooklyn Dentist so Your Smile can Shine Bright for 2017   The New Year is just around the corner! While everyone has had their ups and downs, we want to make sure that all of our patients...
November 2016
Correct these Common Dental Problems
Don’t Let These Common Dental Problems Ruin Your Smile – See how Your Brooklyn Dentist can Protect and Save Your Teeth   There’s a dramatic myth that as you get older, your teeth will naturally become weaker and...
October 2016
Scare Away a Spooky Smile!
Your Dentist in Brooklyn NY Wants to Protect Your Smile from the Tricks that Your Treats will Pull   Happy Halloween, from our family to yours! On this spookiest day of the year, there are some important requirements for...
September 2016
Start the Conversation: Daily 4
See how the Daily 4 Represents the Importance of Your Daily Dental Hygiene with the Help of Your Brooklyn NY Dentist   The month of October is right around the corner; the weather gets cooler, the sun goes down earlier, and the nights...
August 2016
Back-to-School Dental Tips for Your Smile
Whether Your Kids are Going Back to School or You Are, Your Family Dentist in Brooklyn NY Wants Everybody to Have a Happy and Healthy Smile!   Whether your children are about to start school or they’re already back, there’s...
July 2016
Consequences of Not Flossing
Use Helpful Tips from Your Brooklyn Family Dentist to Protect Your Teeth by Daily Flossing It’s no secret that every dentist you’ve visited has told you to floss in order to protect improve your oral and dental health. While...
June 2016
Keep a Healthy Smile All Summer
Brooklyn Family Dentist Shows how to Enjoy Your Summer While Maintaining a Strong Smile   Summer time is officially here! This means having fun in the sun with your friends and families at parties, barbeques, at the beach, and...
May 2016
May 2016 Blog
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